About IRE


Run for the IRE Board of Directors

The board serves as the governing body of IRE and generally meets two times a year to discuss and vote on IRE business. One of the meetings is at the annual IRE Conference in June. The board periodically has conference calls.

Directors serve on committees and task forces made up of board members and appointed non-board IRE members.

The seats are for two-year terms, and incumbents may seek re-election to the board. A board position is unpaid; board members and their news organizations are expected to pay all, or a substantial amount, of travel expenses to board meetings. IRE will provide limited help in cases of need. Candidates must be IRE members in the professional or academic category.

Board members are expected to help raise funds and contribute financial or other resources to the organization. In addition, they lose eligibility to enter the IRE Awards contest if they have a significant role in the contest entry.

Election Deadlines

  • April 1 – Open date for declaration to run for IRE BOD
  • May 3 – Deadline for candidates to file
  • May 8 – Online absentee voting begins; candidate statements posted at IRE.org
  • June 7 – Deadline for candidates to be listed at IRE.org
  • June 19 – Absentee voting CLOSES
  • June 21 – Deadline to file – 12 noon CDT
  • June 22 – Election

How to declare candidacy

Each year, IRE will publish a calendar of deadlines for candidate filing (for absentee and election-day ballots), posting candidate profiles online, and requesting absentee ballots. The following is a general list of instructions for potential candidates:

The final deadline for members to file candidacy is noon on the day prior to the elections. Elections are held at the annual membership meeting at the IRE Conference.

Candidates who meet the early filing deadline (generally 6-8 weeks prior to the election) can be included on an absentee ballot that will be made available to members who are not able to attend the conference.

Board candidates should submit a candidacy statement/bio limited to 500 words. An accompanying photo is encouraged. These will be posted on the IRE Web site. Candidates who do not declare in time to be included on the absentee ballot can still be included on the website if they submit materials by the specified date.

Submit your declaration of candidacy and accompanying photo to IRE membership coordinator John Green at jgreen@ire.org. Requests for absentee ballots should be submitted to ballots@ire.org. Please include contact information.

Candidates who wait until the conference to announce must deliver a one-page statement and personal biography to the IRE executive director by noon (local time) on the day prior to the election at the IRE Conference. These, along with the other candidates' statements, will be posted on a bulletin board in the main conference area.

Election Procedure

At the annual membership meeting, candidates must be nominated and seconded from the floor by two other IRE members. There will be no nominating speeches, but candidates will have two minutes to address the members. The ballot at the membership meeting will include all candidates declared through the Friday deadline.

Immediately following the board elections, there will be a separate election for two IRE Awards contest judges. Those candidates will be nominated and seconded from the floor.

Voting & Absentee Ballots

Voting privileges are granted to the professional (including international), academic and retiree membership categories. Your membership must be current through July of the election year.

Members unable to attend the conference are allowed to participate via absentee balloting. Absentee balloting is meant to supplement—not replace—IRE’s traditional election process, which encourages membership meeting attendance as a sign of commitment to the group and to involve as many members as possible in important discussions.

IRE will announce the period for requesting and returning absentee ballots at the same time it announces deadlines for candidate filing.