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Planet Aid charity may be mishandling funds

Tisha Thompson of WTTG-Washington, DC spent six-months linking the fast-growing charity “Planet Aid” to an alleged cult-leader wanted by European authorities for embezzlement and tax fraud.  The charity’s brought in $30 million in 2007 through the sale of donated items, but there is little evidence the money went to help the poor.  Court documents indicate Planet Aid is one of as many as 200 charities and businesses controlled by Amdi Pedersen. "Our investigation found all of the charities listed in Planet Aid’s most recent tax returns are controlled by the same parent organization, a group called International Humana People to People Movement, who according to its own website, also controls Planet Aid." European authorities claim the money from Planet Aid and Pedersen’s other organizations fund his multi-million dollar homes, a yacht and multiple off-shore bank accounts.  Pedersen slipped away during his trial and has been on the run from Interpol for the last two years.

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