Extra Extra : Animal abuse

Extra Extra Monday: Accident reports, deportations and school finances

Jail Crunch | Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project

OCCRP reporters filed freedom of information requests to prison authorities across Eastern Europe. The interactive visualization is a compilation of the data received from each prison authority, organized to demonstrate similarities and differences between prison demographics and crime categories across the region.

OCCRP journalists conducted dozens of interviews with convicted criminals throughout Eastern Europe. The videos are an extension of the Jail Crunch visualization and provide a personal window into how crime works in the region.


Drivers pay for accident reports | Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A private company that sells vehicle accident reports for ...

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Injured animals go without vet care, euthanized early at Vermilion Parish

The Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating the possibility of criminal wrongdoing at the parish animal control center, based on issues brought to light in a KATC investigation.

The station’s investigative team reviewed hundreds of documents and records and found that nearly 300 animals last year were killed earlier than parish ordinance requires, some even being killed the same day.

Extra Extra Monday: Hospital wealth and worsening care conditions, congressional travel on foreign tabs and airline animal deaths

The San Antonio Express-News
Eagle Ford pay is high, but work can be fatal
"Since 2009, at least 11 employees working for drilling companies and spinoff industries in Eagle Ford Shale counties have suffered horrific deaths that could have been prevented, according to OSHA investigations obtained under the Freedom of Information Act."

New state law conceals records of abuse, neglect in nursing homes
"Families’ abilities to hold potentially negligent nursing facilities accountable have been diminished by a recent change in state law that bars records of abuse and neglect from use in the courts, the Wisconsin Center for Investigative ...

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Extra Extra Monday: Beef's raw side, pension spiking and reckless prescription writing

The Kansas City Star
Beef's Raw Edges 
"The Kansas City Star, in a yearlong investigation, found that the beef industry is increasingly relying on a mechanical process to tenderize meat, exposing Americans to higher risk of E. coli poisoning. The industry then resists labeling such products, leaving consumers in the dark. The result: Beef in America is plentiful and affordable, spun out in enormous quantities at high speeds, but it's a bonanza with hidden dangers. Industry officials contend beef is safer than it's ever been."

The Los Angeles Times
Dying For Relief: Reckless prescribing, patients endangered
"By ...

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Extra Extra Monday: Dying elephants, Medicare loopholes and fracking our food supply

The Seattle Times
Glamour Beasts: The Dark Side of Elephant Captivity
“Zoos' efforts to preserve and propagate elephants have largely failed, both in Seattle and nationally. The infant-mortality rate for elephants in zoos is almost triple the rate in the wild.”

Food and Environment Reporting Network
Fracking our food supply
“In Pennsylvania, the oil and gas industry is already on a tear—drilling thousands of feet into ancient seabeds, then repeatedly fracturing (or “fracking”) these wells with millions of gallons of highly pressurized, chemically laced water, which shatters the surrounding shale and releases fossil fuels. New York, meanwhile, is on ...

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Illegal horse racing uncovered in CA

An investigation by KCRA in Sacramento has exposed a world of clandestine, illegal horse races in California’s Central Valley. The report, which also uncovered drug deals, prostitution and other forms of illegal gambling has spurred a new investigation by the local sheriff and forced legislators to push the Department of Justice to make racing a top priority.