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Extra Extra Monday: Breaking the banks, assisted living, street gang recruiting and crowdsourced investigations

Breaking the Banks | Sarasota Herald-Tribune
“An investigation that began three years ago has found that at least half of Florida’s community banks failed because their leaders were greedy, arrogant, incompetent or sometimes corrupt. The newspaper obtained previously confidential state records that show how failed bankers broke the law, manipulated financial documents and gorged themselves on insider deals. These bank records had never before been collected by an American newspaper.”

Life and Death in Assisted living | ProPublica and Frontline
“More and more elderly Americans are choosing to spend their later years in assisted living facilities, which have sprung up as ...

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Extra Extra Roundup: Drug cartels, unjustified shootings, unseen farm worker harassment

Unjustified | Newsday
“Report reveals how cop shot unarmed man - and kept his job.”

Secret files reveal how pay-to-play works in N.J. | The Star-Ledger
“A special report by The Star-Ledger exposes how one politically connected engineering firm parlayed campaign donations into millions of dollars in public contracts, all the while keeping the scheme hidden from the public. An analysis of the records, meticulously kept and numbering 137 pages, found Birdsall made more than 1,000 secret campaign contributions worth in excess of $1 million to politicians of all stripes and in all corners of New Jersey. At the same time ...

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ATF storefront sting led to thousands of dollars stolen and a machine gun on the streets

In an attempt to bust criminal operations in Milwaukee by purchasing drugs and guns from felons the ATF set up a storefront sting.

However, "the effort to date has not snared any major dealers or taken down a gang. Instead, it resulted in a string of mistakes and failures, including an ATF military-style machine gun landing on the streets of Milwaukee and the agency having $35,000 in merchandise stolen from its store, a Journal Sentinel investigation has found."

Federal judge's financial conflict of interest went unnoticed for years

"A federal judge has issued three key rulings over a four-year period that favored companies in which he owned stock, a California Watch analysis has found."

"Measures are in place to prevent judges from violating federal conflict-of-interest laws. But Judge Manuel Real, a 46-year veteran of the bench appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, appears to have skirted those safeguards, records and interviews show."

Investigation leads to EPA re-examining lead factories

Milwaukee Police Department misreporting violent crime

"A Journal Sentinel investigation has found that even though the Milwaukee Police Department have been touting a fall in crime for four years, hundreds of beatings, stabbings and child abuse cases were missing from the count."

"More than 500 incidents since 2009 were misreported to the FBI as minor assaults and not included in the city's violent crime rate, the investigation found. That tally is based on a review of cases that resulted in charges - only about one-fifth of all reported crimes."

Flame retardants and the big business behind them

Sheriff's questionable relationship revealed

"A WVUE-TV investigation reveals a timeline that a government watchdog says needs to be probed by the FBI.  Lee Zurik, the station's chief investigative reporter, requested and received emails that show a questionable relationship between a disgraced sheriff and a former FBI agent turned businessman.  WVUE-TV uploaded all source documents to DocumentCloud."