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Hard Labor

“Each year, some 4,500 American workers die on the job and 50,000 perish from occupational diseases. Millions more are hurt and sickened at workplaces, and many others are cheated of wages and abused. In the coming months the Center for Public Integrity will publish, under the banner Hard Labor, stories exploring threats to workers — and the corporate and regulatory factors that endanger them.”

Landlords, self-employed get state aid on honor system

“A (Milwaukee) Journal Sentinel investigation found property owners with major sources of rental income who did not reveal it in applications for public assistance. The cases reveal a gap in regulation that affects every public assistance program in the state. Local and state regulators fail to verify actual income when applicants report that they make no money or are self-employed. 'Basically we're supposed to accept what they tell us,' said one public assistance fraud investigator in southeastern Wisconsin. The government considers much of the information about recipients of public assistance to be confidential, making it impossible for the public ...

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New Jersey companies receiving job creation tax subsidies filed layoffs

Governing reports that the state of New Jersey sharply increased its tax subsidies, with incentives approved the past two years alone exceeding the combined total awarded for all previous years, dating back to 1996. Despite this, the state's economy has struggled to create jobs. An analysis of incentive data and state labor department records also found at least 20 companies that received subsidies have filed layoff notices since 2010.