IRE Student Sponsorship Program

IRE is committed to developing the next generation of investigative reporters by introducing more students to the organization. To do this, we need your help. Please consider sponsoring a $25 student membership on behalf of your alma mater, college media or for an intern at your news organization. You don’t have to know a current student, we’ll take care of that. Unless you prefer to remain anonymous, your name and the institution receiving the membership will be listed on IRE’s Web site.

If you decide to sponsor a student, please promote the program through social media. Use the hashtag #SponsorIRE and Tweet a link to this page.



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You can sponsor a student membership in two ways:

1. If you know a specific student you’d like to sponsor, click here to purchase the membership. The student will receive an email that you have sponsored their membership for one year. If they already have an active membership, it will be extended for another year. Click the button below for Individual Student Memberships:


2. If you don’t know a specific student but would like to donate a membership to your alma mater, college newspaper, TV or radio station, click here. IRE will work with J-school officials on campus to find a student match and they will receive an email that you have sponsored their membership for one year.

If you happen to know of a professor, adviser or student editor at your chosen organization, you can list their name and email on the form. This would be much appreciated, but is not necessary.  (Click the button below for Alma Mater, College Newspaper, University or Multi Memberships:


 If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact IRE membership coordinator John Green at or 573-882-2772


At the IRE Conference in San Francisco "I met top editors from newspapers of all shapes and sizes. I had one-on-one time with the editor of USA Today, the VP of Recruitment for Gannett and others. Most were impressed I was there before my junior year of college and that helped me build connections I've fostered since then. If you love journalism, are ambitious - yet humble - and want to write the story no one else is, IRE will open doors for you to achieve your dreams."
- Will Drabold, Ohio University

"The biggest thing I have benefitted from has been my ability to contact other journalists and IRE staff for help when I've found myself in a jam. After I started working on some of my first big data stories, I subscribed to the NICAR listserv so I could reach out and ask for a hand in learning Google Fusion tools, as well as other things. I've also taken advantage of several of the databases that IRE maintains, as well as the links to national databases, and the FOI resources page."
- Daniel DeMay, Bozeman Daily Chronicle
(Sponsored while attending Western Washington University)

"Attending NICAR this year was an amazing experience. It really opened my eyes up to what is possible, and the stories about how journalists dug into data to find and report on stories was enlightening. I was able to meet Brian Boyer in person, whose blog post in 2009 inspired me to change careers and get my masters in journalism."
- Chris Williams, Washington Post intern
(Sponsored while attending Northwestern University) 


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Thanks to the nearly 100 donors who have sponsored more than 140 students! Together, we can secure the future of IRE by introducing the journalists of tomorrow to this forum in which journalists throughout the world are encouraged to grow through training and helping each other. With this sharing of story ideas, newsgathering techniques, news sources and more, we are the collective family of IRE.

Donations made in 2015 will be listed below.