The following is a list of databases maintained by NICAR. Click on a database name for more information or (if you are logged in as a member) to purchase the database. For each, a record layout is available as well as code sheets, when they are required. You can also download a 100-record data sample. 

Note: For some databases we offer state slices and archived data that are not available through the website. Call 573-884-7711 or email to request slices or archived data.

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FAA Accidents and Incidents FAA Transportation Weekly 1973-current
FAA Service Difficulty Reports FAA Transportation Weekly 1990-current 2048
FAA Airmen Directory FAA Transportation Monthly Current 1226
FAA Aircraft Registry FAA Transportation Monthly 1974-current 290
IRS Exempt Orgs IRS Business Monthly Current 510
SBA Disaster Loans SBA Business Annually 1980-2014 180
Boat Registration USCG Transportation No longer updated 2009 3594
IRS Migration IRS Other Annually 1992-2008 666
Storm Events NOAA Public Safety No longer updated
1950-2009 675
Federal Grants (FAADS) Census
Federal Spending No longer updated 1983-2008 997
NHTSA Vehicle Recalls and Complaints NHTSA Transportation Update upon request 1977-2007 1146
National Bridge Inventory DOT Public Safety Annually 1994-2013 438
SBA 7A Business Loans SBA Business Annually 1953-2014 1157
DOT Fatality Analysis Reporting System DOT Transportation Annually 1975-2010 3921
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) FFIEC Business Annually 1992-2013 2621
OSHA Workplace Safety Data DOL Public Safety Annually 1972-2013 6440
Comprehensive Environmental Response (CERCLIS) EPA Environment No longer updated 2007 590
Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) DOT Transportation Link to website 1970-2014 933
National Practitioner Data Bank HHS Health No longer updated 1990-2011 262
FAA Enforcements FAA Transportation Annually 1999-2008 1126
Federal Firearms/Explosives Licensees ATF Public Safety Link to website 2010 - 2015 33
Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC Public Safety Update upon request 1990-2010 1617
SBA 8A Business List SBA Business No longer updated 2006 152
Social Security Administration Death Master File SSA Other No longer updated 1937-2013 9216
Nuclear Materials Events Database NRC Public Safety No longer updated 1990-2011 38
Boat Accidents USCG Transportation Annually


DOE Campus Crime DOE Public Safety Annually 2001-2013 1433
FDA Adverse Event Reporting System FDA Health Update upon request 1969-2012 2048
FBI Uniform Crime Reports FBI Public Safety Annually 1993-2012 1024
Federal Contracts GSA Business Link to website
Consolidated Federal Funds Report Census
Federal Spending No longer updated 1983-2007 77
Federal Campaign Contributions FEC Election Campaigns Weekly Current 142
Medical Device Reports (MAUDE) FDA Health Update upon request 1984-2013 5000
Mortality Multiple Cause-of-Death Database CDC No longer updated No Longer Updated
1988-2005 1147
NAFTA Trade Adjustment Assistance DOL Business No longer updated 1979-2005 46
NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System NASA Transportation Update upon request 1988-2013 740
National Inventory of Dams USACE Public Safety No longer available
1993-2002 135
National Endowment for the Arts Grants NEA Federal Spending No longer updated 1987-2006 41
Federal Audit Clearinghouse Census
Federal Spending Annually 1997-2013 1024
AJC School Test Scores Other Other
2003-2011 220
SEC Administrative Proceedings SEC Business Update upon request 1989-2008 17
Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) EPA Environment Link to website
1987-2007 921
DOT Truck Accidents DOT Transportation Update upon request 1988-2013 2897
DOT Truck Census DOT Transportation Update upon request 2008 1853
DOT Truck Inspections DOT Transportation Update upon request 2003-2008 2765
Wage and Hour Enforcement DOL Business No longer updated 1980-2010 3154


Search by topic

  • Business

    Datasets covering employment outsourcing, workplace safety, home lending, and more.

  • Election Campaigns

    You know what they say about politics: Always follow the money. Our datasets will help you track campaign contributions and tax-exempt political advocacy groups.

  • Environment

    A wealth of environmental data, including information about industrial pollution and toxic chemical spills.

  • Federal Spending

    The federal government gives out billions of dollars each year in contracts and grants. These datasets will help you track how the money is spent.

  • Health

    When doctors make mistakes, the federal government collects valuable data about what went wrong. Our datasets cover problems with medical devices and prescription drugs, among other things.

  • No longer updated

    NICAR maintains a robust archive of older data that is available for purchase. These datasets are no longer updated regularly, but they could be helpful for reporters seeking information about historical trends.

  • Other

    Includes records on state-by-state migration and a comprehensive collection of death information by the Social Security Administration.

  • Public Safety

    NICAR's public safety data covers much more than crime: critical infrastructure, such as dams and bridges; consumer product safety; and information about the transport of nuclear materials are all among the datasets you will find here.

  • Transportation

    NICAR offers numerous datasets to help you investigate transportation safety on land, sea and air. Among them, records on fatal accidents, hazardous material transport, airplane incidents, and boating accidents.