Data Library: Other

Includes records on state-by-state migration and a comprehensive collection of death information by the Social Security Administration.

  • IRS Migration

    The decennial census provides all sorts of interesting morsels that can be passed on to readers, viewers, or listeners. But there is one item the census does not cover: where the people in your community are coming from and where are they moving to. With the IRS migration data, you ...

  • School Test Scores

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, after releasing its "Cheating Our Children" series in March 2012, provided the NICAR Database Library with school test scores gathered from state education departments.

    From the AJC: "The data includes state testing data paired in approximate cohorts by school, test subject and grade. An approximate ...

  • Social Security Administration Death Master File

    The Social Security Death Master File (DMF), obtained from the National Technical Information Service, is the most complete listing of all deaths in the United States since 1937 -- although it's not entirely complete and still has errors.To be listed, the person must have a Social Security number. It does ...