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Indecision 2000

Number 18940
Subject Elections
Source WKRC-TV
State OH
Year 2001
Publication Date Dec. 26, 27, 28, 30
Summary WKRC-TV reports that "the real shame of America's dysfunctional electoral can be found not only in Palm Beach, but in thousands of counties nationwide." The investigation looks at the problems in Hamilton County, Ohio. The main finding is that if all ballots disqualified for double voting would have counted, Al Gore would have picked up 730 additional votes. The result is based on a methodology that assumes the percentage of the disqualified votes for Gore (from all disqualified votes) is equal to the percentage of the counted votes for Gore in the official election result for a specific precinct. The number and ratio of votes thrown out in the 2000 presidential election were much higher for African-American communities than for similar-sized white communities in Hamilton county.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 14
Keywords TAPE;TRANSCRIPT;voting;voters;race;racial profiles;African-Americans
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