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  • The Two Elk Saga

    North American Power Group initially proposed a coal-power generating station in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. The project first aimed to burn waste coal to generate electricity, then shifted course to study the sequestration of carbon dioxide in underground formations. For the sequestration proposal, NAPG received nearly $10 million in federal stimulus grants. Despite millions of dollars spent, no new jobs were created. WyoFile contributor, and founding member, began his investigative coverage of NAPG's activities beginning in 2008. Via a FOIA request, Tempest acquired documentation to show that NAPG's president Michael Ruffatto and company employees were paid large sums of money to work on the project.

    Tags: coal; pollution; stimulus; grants

    By Rone Tempest; Dustin Bleizeffer


  • "Carbonomics"

    The key elements lawmakers intend to use against global warming are "carbon offsets" of the "cap-and-trade" legislation. The investigation reveals these offsets have created a "loophole" and could potentially "undermine the entire effort to solve the climate crisis." The current United Nations-run program is "greatly flawed," and there are "scientific uncertainties" about the effectiveness of the "pollution reductions."

    Tags: carbon offsets; cap-and-trade; carbon dioxide; global warming; Center for American Progress;

    By Dan Rather; Wayne Nelson; Elliot Kirschner; Janet Klein; Meredith Ramsey; Andrew Blackwell

    Dan Rather Reports


  • Ice Rink Pollution - Danger in the Air

    The machines that resurface the ice of many U.S. ice skating rinks, have been found to emit the potentially harmful pollutants, Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide. E:60 tested 34 rinks throughout the U.S. and found that almost one-third had "dangerous levels" of the pollutants that are released from the machine's exhaust pipes. Also released onto the ice are tiny "Ultrafine Particles," which, when ingested over a long period of time, can cause long-term lung damage.

    Tags: Ice hockey; USA Hockey; emissions; ice resurfacing; Carbon Monoxide emissions; Ultrafine Particles; Ken Rundell

    By Bob Wallace; Andy Tennant; Robert Abbott; Michael Baltierra; Robbyn Footlick; Ben Houser; Martin Khodabakhshian; Yaron Deskalo; Max Brodsky; Jena Janovy; Rachel Nichols; Nate Hogan

    ESPN (Television Network) (Bristol, CT)


  • The Poisoning of Whitaker

    A Willamette Week investigation reveals that Oregon's worst performing middle school contains levels of radon, a radioactive gas, far in excess of the safe maximum determined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The school is also notorious for unhealthy levels of carbon dioxide caused by the lack of open windows and the circulation of air through contaminated underground tunnels. District officials have been aware of the problems for more that a decade, the story reports. One of the major findings is that the radon contamination and the poor air quality have "contributed to chronically high student and teacher absenteeism ... and academic achievement far lower than would be predicted by Whitaker's socioeconomic level."

    Tags: environment; safety; pollution; teachers; students; education

    By Nigel Jaquiss

    Willamette Week (Portland, Ore.)