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  • Bound and Punished

    Arkansas law prohibits punishment of juvenile delinquents, requiring instead that child offenders be provided treatment, rehabilitation and safe environments. But at the Yell County Juvenile Detention Center, where hundreds of children have been sent for years, punishment was not only allowed, top administrators encouraged it. State officials responsible for assuring the safety and well-being of youth in county-run detention centers learned of this routine mistreatment only after the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette shared internal incident reports with them.

    Tags: youth; mistreatment; oversight; detention center

    By Sonny Albarado; Kirk Montgomery; Nikki Dawes; Stephen B. Thornton; Chad Day; Stephen B. Thornton; Aziza Musa; Shea Stewart

    Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock, Ark.)


  • Walking into Danger

    The unprecedented investigation takes an in-depth look at child abduction in Chicago. The reporters found that every other day a stranger tries to lure or force a child into a building or vehicle. Furthermore, the majority of these predators avoided prison time due to breakdowns in the legal system.

    Tags: child abduction; kidnapping; sex offender; youth; predator

    By David Jackson; Gary Marx

    Chicago Tribune


  • "Let out early..."

    To make room for new residents, the Arkansas Youth Services Division released 11 offenders from a juvenile detention center before their sentence was complete. Nine of those 11 were discharged despite objections from detention center workers. Only a short time later, one of the boys was arrested and charged with "capital murder, theft of property and fleeing."

    Tags: Youth Services; Jacobia Twiggs; Arkansas Juvenile Assessment and Treatment Center; Antonio Terry; Human Services Division of Youth Services

    By Amy Upshaw

    Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock, Ark.)


  • Hidden in Plain Sight

    This investigation uncovered a confidential report of a state police investigation into allegations of sexual abuse of juveniles by administrators at a state-run youth lockup in West Texas. The agency managed to keep the scandal buried for almost two years. Since the scandal took place, people involved have gone unpunished and are even still working with children.

    Tags: abuse; sexual offender; state government; confidential sources; FOIA; correctional facility; sexual abuse; Texas government

    By Nate Blakeslee

    Texas Observer (Austin, Texas)


  • Teen Crime, Adult Time

    An exploration of the Colorado justice system's strong emphasis on life-without-parole sentences for teens as criminal punishments, even for juveniles.

    Tags: youth offender; prison; court; minor; felony murder; sam mandez;

    By Miles Moffeit; Kevin Simpson

    Denver Post


  • Juvenile Justice: A Secret World

    This investigation looks into the juvenile justice system of Kentucky and secrecy laws intended to protect juvenile offenders and help them transition back into society. The series questions whether or not these secrecy laws are protecting the juvenile offenders or injuring the community by not revealing juvenile sex offenders and those convicted of violent acts. The investigation also analyzes whether funds spent on rehabilitating the youth has been worth it.

    Tags: juvenile courts; minors; secrecy laws; rehabilitation; juvenile offenders; Department of Juvenile Justice; CAR

    By Andy Wolfson

    Courier-Journal (Louisville, Ky.)


  • Sex Abuse Continues; Juvenile offenders often locked in rooms together

    Staff reporter, Geoff Dutton of the Columbus Dispatch talks about the rate of sexual offenses amongst juveniles in Ohio's only prison for young rapists and sexual molesters. As this reporter discovered, there is widespread sexual activity among the inmates in this prison and also among inmates and the security personnel. The follow-up stories also covers how the facility lacks good counselors and social workers.

    Tags: CAR; FOIA; Ohio's only prison for juvenile sexual offenders; juveniles crimes; juvenile prisons; inmates in juvenile prisons; Department of Youth Services; Circleville juvenile prison; Circleville; OH; Circleville

    By Geoff Dutton

    Dispatch (Columbus, Ohio)


  • Where Hope is Locked Away: California's Youth Prisons. A Mercury News Special Report.

    This series examines California's failing youth prison system. The state pledged that all youth would receive counseling and rehabilitative treatment, but it seems like the system is too flawed to keep those promises. Now, tear gas, gang violence, and fear are much more common than progress. The reporters specifically focused on five issues: education, treatment, sentencing, parole and alternatives. They compare the California system to better ones in Texas and Missouri.

    Tags: Youth Authority; juvenile delinquents; abuse; sex offenders; therapy; mental health; rehabilitation; drugs

    By Karen de Sa;Brandon Bailey;Griff Palmer

    Mercury News (San Jose, Calif.)


  • Prisoners of Sex; Female Trouble

    These two stories brings to light incidents of rape and sexual abuse of teenage girls in a juvenile correction center. This corretion center, The Youthful Offender System was an innovative program, an alternative to adult prison for adolescents. As the reporter found out, the female inmates were sexually abused by the male correction officers. The follow up story reports the case against the officer who was on trial for raping one of the inmates.

    Tags: rape; juvenile correction centers; youthful offender system; sexual assault

    By Alan Prendergast

    Westword (Denver)


  • In transit

    An increasingly popular way to handle juvenile offenders is to send them away to "treatment centers," locked facilities, often far away from their homes, where they are under the supervision of caregivers trained in handling youth offenders. This article talks about some other options for treatment, as well as several reasons why the current system does not work.

    Tags: juvenile; residential

    By Annys Shin

    City Paper (Washington, D.C.)