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The Statehouse Circus

Number 1690
Subject State Government
Source Holly A. Heyser
State St. Paul Pioneer Press
Year 2002
Publication Date San Francisco IRE Annual 2002
Summary Tips on what to search for when following campaigns and state budget investigations. Also available are four stories: State Tops With Bond Agencies/Vetoes Don't Affect Credit Rating by David Hanners, Pioneer Press; Attack or Retreat?// Economists Will Probably Ponder For Years Whether Minnesota's Current Budget Crisis Was the Direct Result of Terrorists Acts of a Predictable Downturn Blown Out of Proportion on September 11 by Jim Ragsdale, Pioneer Press; Late checks help Gilmore make stronger case for car-tax cuts by Holly A. Heyser, The Virginian-Pilot; Hager Backers Reluctant to Donate to Earley by Holly A. Heyser, The Virginian-Pilot; On The Lege: How Virginia legislators spend the donations they get, produced by Virginia Commonwealth University's Legislative Reporting students. These pages contain the headline and the lead paragraphs of the stories produced by these students. The stories are available at
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