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  • 50 ideas in 60 minutes

    Mc Nelly Torres and Tyler Dukes share 50 story ideas with this presentation and Excel workbook.

    Tags: ideas; minutes; fast; stories

    By Mc Nelly Torres


  • NICAR 2015: Twitter Bootstrap

    One of the most supported, popular and feature-filled ways to get started building a website is to use Twitter Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a responsive, mobile-first HTML, CSS, & JS framework. Know what those three terms (responsive, mobile-first and framework) mean? If not, take a moment to look them up.

    Tags: twitter; social; media

    By Erika Lee


  • Twitter Bootstrap: Responsive, mobile-first HTML, CSS, JS framework

    Erika Lee teaches journalists to build a website using Twitter Bootstrap.

    Tags: web; site; internet; social media

    By Erika Lee


  • Making maps with QGIS

    GQIS is the leading free, open source Geographic Information Systems (GIS) application. It is capable of sophisticated geodata processing and analysis, and also can be used to design publication-quality data-driven maps.

    Tags: maps; data; analysis

    By Peter Aldhous


  • So they bought a federal candidate, now what?*

    Sarah Bryner put together this tipsheet with helpful links to aid in campaign finance data investigations.

    Tags: campaign; finance; data

    By Sarah Bryner


  • So they bought a federal candidate, now what?

    These links are from Jacob Fentons presentation at CAR 2015.

    Tags: campaign finance

    By Jacob Fenton


  • Finding and Analyzing Data on

    The Federal Election Commission offers several flavors of campaign finance data. You can view an individual report in PDF or HTML format, look at charts and maps summarizing campaign finance data or search for specific contributions and expenditures. You also can download datasets ranging from the raw text data for an individual report to a summary file containing all individualcontributions made during the two-year election cycle.

    Tags: elections; campaign; candidates

    By Chris Schnaars


  • Useful new R packages for data visualization and analysis

    Sharon Machlis guides data journalists through new packages for R that make visualization and analysis easier.

    Tags: r; coding; tech; packages

    By Sharon Machlis


  • Analyzing networks with Gephi

    Today, network analysis is being used to study a wide variety of subjects, from how networks of genes and proteins influence our health to how connections between multinational companies affect the stability of the global economy. Network graphs can also be used to great effect in journalism to explore and illustrate connections that are crucial to public policy, or directly affect the lives of ordinary people. Learn how to get started working with Gelphi using this link:

    Tags: graph; network; affect; health

    By Peter Aldhous


  • Making Timelines

    Lena Groeger put together this helpful tipsheet to aid journalists looking to improve their skills in compiling and designing timelines.

    Tags: time; design; line; improve

    By Lena Groeger