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  • Finding and Analyzing Data on

    The Federal Election Commission offers several flavors of campaign finance data. You can view an individual report in PDF or HTML format, look at charts and maps summarizing campaign finance data or search for specific contributions and expenditures. You also can download datasets ranging from the raw text data for an individual report to a summary file containing all individualcontributions made during the two-year election cycle.

    Tags: elections; campaign; candidates

    By Chris Schnaars


  • Tools for cracking PDFs slides and data files

    These slides and data files go along with Danielle Cervantes' presentation on cracking PDFs.

    Tags: crack; data; pdf

    By Danielle Cervantes


  • Tools for cracking PDFs

    Danielle Cervantes shares her best techniques for extracting data from PDFs in this presentation.

    Tags: cracking; pdf; data; computers

    By Danielle Cervantes


  • Demo: Tools for cracking PDFs

    This helpful demo from Kevin Crowe and Miguel Barbosa demonstrates their best techniques for extracting data from PDFs.

    Tags: pdf; adobe; data

    By Kevin Crowe and Miguel Barbosa


  • Web for Watchdogs

    This tipsheet explores how watchdog journalists can use the web to optimize their investigations, including common ways to find information through traditional and emerging search engines, social media sites and crowdsourcing. Other topics covered include mapping sites, useful apps and tools, and PDF convertors.

    Tags: web; programs; Google; Google Scholar; Duck Duck Go; Snap Bird; Kiplinger; Wikipedia; NICAR; batchgeo; DocumentCloud; PDF;

    By Doug Haddix


  • Busting data out of PDFs

    This tipsheet provides tutorials for CometDocs and Tabula. Learn how to convert PDF documents into Word or Excel files.

    Tags: PDF; documents; CometDocs; Tabula; Excel; Word

    By Tyler Dukes


  • PDF Madness

    This tipsheet provides brief descriptions and links to a variety of programs that work with and convert PDF documents. You’ll be exposed to programs such as DocumentCloud, OmniPage and Overview, just to name a few.

    Tags: PDF; documents; DocumentCloud; OmniPage; Overview

    By Cheryl Phillips, Tyler Dukes


  • Helium Scraper: Scraping for any reporter, no code required

    This tipsheet provides an introduction to Helium Scraper, a $99 Windows-based web scraper that reduces the need to write complex and lengthy lines of code. Link to tipsheet:

    Tags: Helium Scraper; web scraping; data; databases

    By Liz Lucas


  • Scraping PDFs with Tabula

    Tabula is a tool that lets you take data tables out of PDFs. Tabula was built with support by ProPublica and La Nacion (Argentina) and the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews program. This tipsheet explains how to scrape PDFs with Tabula.

    Tags: PDF; Tabula; data; records; Excel

    By Manuel Aristarán, Jeremy B. Merrill, Mike Tigas


  • Docs! Docs! Docs!

    This tipsheet contains brief descriptions – and links – to some very useful – and free – applications: FOIA Machine, Document Cloud, Tabula PDF and Overview.

    Tags: FOIA Machine; DocumentCloud; Tabula PDF; Overview; The NSA Files; The Guardian

    By Tyler Dukes