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  • Finding and Analyzing Data on

    The Federal Election Commission offers several flavors of campaign finance data. You can view an individual report in PDF or HTML format, look at charts and maps summarizing campaign finance data or search for specific contributions and expenditures. You also can download datasets ranging from the raw text data for an individual report to a summary file containing all individualcontributions made during the two-year election cycle.

    Tags: elections; campaign; candidates

    By Chris Schnaars


  • Advanced Django for data analysis

    So you know some SQL, or maybe done data analysis with R, but would prefer a more integrated way to explore and publish data. In addition to making front-facing web apps, Django can also be used internally as a reporting and research tool to explore a dataset. To do this, we'll use a publicly available dataset from the City of L.A.'s data portal on response times to complaints filed to the Department of Building and Safety. We used this data to publish a story on the varying response times to DBS complaints throughout the city, including especially slow response times on the East side of L.A.

    Tags: django; publish; explore; portal; integrated

    By Armand Emamdjomeh & Steven Rich


  • Visualizing your data with R Github repo

    This git contains practice datasets for visualizing data with the R package ggplot2. Prior to working with this exercise, you should have the software R, available at, and R Studio, available at Each product is open source software.

    Tags: r; ggplot2; data; graphics

    By Ronald Campbell


  • Excel magic data

    This is the dataset from MaryJo Webster's presentation, "Excel Magic."

    Tags: excel; computers

    By MaryJo Webster


  • Excel magic: Advanced functions in Excel

    "This handout contains a variety of functions and tricks that can be used for cleaning and/or analyzing data in Excel." The full tipsheet by Digital First Media's MaryJo Webster is attached, along with the complementary dataset.

    Tags: excel; data; cleaning data; analyzing data

    By MaryJo Webster


  • First News App

    This tutorial will walk you through the process of building an interactive data visualization from a structured dataset.

    Tags: apps; Python; Git repository

    By Ben Welsh


  • Finding data from other countries

    This tipsheet is intended to complement “Finding Data Online” by Jaimi Dowell. It is primarily intended for people looking for data outside the country where they normally work – but some of the search techniques work wherever you are. For now we will assume that you are looking for data published by an authority you cannot approach with a FOIA (Freedom of Information) request.

    Tags: data; search engines; dataset; Google; United Nations; WHO; OECD

    By Jonathan Stoneman


  • The customized Census: Using microdata

    "Gain an understanding of how the IPUMS dataset is structured and how it can be leveraged to improve your reporting. This exercise will use the IPUMS dataset to explore home ownership in 2010 and 2012," with Kate Genadek from the Minnesota Population Center.

    Tags: IPUMS; dataset

    By Katie Genadek


  • Build Your First News App

    Ben Welsh presents a step-by-step guide to publishing a news application. Welsh's tutorial walks you through the process of building an interactive data visualization from a structured data set. The tutorial will teach you how to use Python, HTML and Javascript in order to create a news application.

    Tags: App; Python; HTML; Javascript; interactive data; dataset; GitHub

    By Ben Welsh


  • By Robert Gebeloff