Useful command line tools for reporters (repeat)

  • Event: 2015 CAR Conference
  • Speakers: Agustin Armendariz of The New York Times; Kendall Taggart of BuzzFeed News
  • Date/Time: Friday, Mar. 6 at 3:20pm
  • Location: M101
  • Audio file: No audio file available.

Ever had a CSV file too large to open in Excel?  Ever had one so big it crashed your computer? We’ll show you some simple tricks for wrangling data on the command line. If you've never programmed before but frequently use Excel and SQL, this class will make your life better. Bonus: We’ll show you how to make your Mac recite poetry for you.

Prerequisites: Not scared of a monochrome screen; perhaps Windows/Unix command line basics

Want a preview before committing to spending an hour with us? This repo is a work in progress:

Speaker Bios

  • Agustin "Augie" Armendariz is a reporter at The New York Times who specializes in data analysis. Before that he was the senior data analyst at the The Center for Investigative Reporting, and worked at the San Diego-Union Tribune. He’s an alum of American University and the Center for Public Integrity. @agustin_NYT

  • Kendall Taggart is reporter on the investigations team at BuzzFeed News. Previously, she was a reporter at The Center for Investigative Reporting/Reveal. She's worked on projects about bad charities, dangerous pesticides and the criminal justice system. @KendallTTaggart

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