Using data to detect environmental dangers

  • Event: 2015 CAR Conference
  • Speakers: Caelainn Barr of The Guardian; Michael Corey of Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting; Robert Gebeloff of The New York Times; Ingrid Lobet of Johns Hopkins University
  • Date/Time: Friday, Mar. 6 at 2:10pm
  • Location: International 2-3
  • Audio file: Only members can listen to conference audio

*Moderated by Ingrid Lobet, independent journalist

You smell an environmental problem, there are powerful anecdotes, you've tracked down the subject matter experts. But you're not sure how to truthsquad what they say. You've pressed officials to find out what data is available. But you don't have to stop there, you can go further. Learn how to analyze data in ways the regulators aren't doing, and to turn hard-won but boring environmental data into visuals and writing that make people pay attention.

This session is good for: Anyone. Attendees can expect to come away with story ideas and data sources.

Speaker Bios

  • Caelainn Barr: Data Projects Editor at The Guardian, London. @caelainnbarr

  • Michael Corey is Reveal's Senior Data Editor. He leads a team of data journalists who distill large datasets into compelling and easily understandable stories using the tools of journalism, statistics and programming. My specialties include mapping, the U.S.-Mexico border, scientific data and working with remote sensing.

  • Robert Gebeloff has been a database projects editor at The New York Times since 2008 and has reported hundreds of data-driven stories, including some really good ones. @gebeloffnyt

  • Enterprise journalist. Data and map lover. Specialties: climate, energy, environment. National awards. Grad school hiatus ending soon. Looking for work.

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