Reporting out the data story

  • Event: 2015 CAR Conference
  • Speakers: Steve Myers of Nieman Fellow; Andrew Lehren of NBC News; James Ball of The Guardian; Kendall Taggart of BuzzFeed News
  • Date/Time: Saturday, Mar. 7 at 4:30pm
  • Location: International 4-5
  • Audio file: No audio file available.

*Moderated by Steve Myers, The Lens

After wheedling, cajoling and threatening to get your hands on an electronic database, the real work begins. How do you figure out whether the data says what it seems to say? How do you discover its shortcomings, and how do you work around them? Are some datasets just too riddled with errors to be useful, and if so, how do you know when give up? We'll discuss techniques and workflows.

Speaker Bios

  • Andy Lehren is senior editor for the NBC News investigative team. Previously at The New York Times. Led NBC’s work on the Implant Files collaboration. Mined the Snowden files. Probed Wikileaks diplomatic cables troves, including for the best-selling book “Open Secrets.” Covered the military, policing. terrorism, more. Honors include a Polk, Peabody, three IRE awards and contributing to a Pulitzer. Specializes in data journalism. Teaches  @cunyjschool. @lehrennbc

  • Steve Myers is editor of The Lens, a nonprofit, in-depth newsroom based in New Orleans. Until 2012 he was managing editor of Poynter Online, where he wrote about citizen journalism, nonprofit news sites, real-time reporting via social media, news apps, and the fact-checking movement. He spent the first 10 years of his career at newspapers, including five as a local government accountability reporter. From 2014 to 2016, he was professional-in-residence at TCU. @myersnews

  • Kendall Taggart is reporter on the investigations team at BuzzFeed News. Previously, she was a reporter at The Center for Investigative Reporting/Reveal. She's worked on projects about bad charities, dangerous pesticides and the criminal justice system. @KendallTTaggart

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