Sweat and Tears (Sweatshop series)

Number 18783
Subject Labor
Source New York Daily News
State NY
Year 2001
Publication Date July 8, 9, 10, 11
Summary A Daily News investigation reveals that "New York City's garment industry routinely violates federal and state wage and hour laws." All major retailers sell clothes made in New York sweatshops by exploiting illegal Chinese immigrants. Garment workers work long hours for seven days a week, and get wages below the minimum of $5.15 per hour. Federal labor officials, as well as a state labor task force, keep "violations secret from retailers to protect brand name reputations and preserve business for local manufacturers and contractors." The investigation examines the price-making principles of the apparel market, and finds that avoiding illegal practices will have to either raise the clothes' prices, or cut the retailers' profits.
Pages 26
Keywords CAR;business;wages;unions;Chinese immigrants;illegal immigration;Federal Trade Commission;FOI requests;exploitation;teen fashions;Jenna LaneRampage;Dollhouse;Periscope;Asian Americans;civil rights violations;INS;OSHA;workplace safety;database mapping project
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