How well do you know your doctor?

Number 21742
Subject Medical Reporting
Source Gazette Journal (Reno, Nev.)
State Nevada
Year 2004
Publication Date February 15-16, 2004
Summary Nevada is experiencing a "medical malpractice crisis" in which doctors are leaving the state in droves because their malpractice premiums have skyrocketed. Frank Mullen realizes that Nevadans could find out more about a contractor or car mechanic's legal record than a legal record of their doctors' malpractice settlements. The Nevada legislature recently reformed this, but still, the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners' information about doctors is often incomplete and sometimes wrong. The newspaper reviewed databases and documents, and cracked the code of a federal medical database.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 104
Keywords medical malpractice;malpractice settlements;medical board;doctor discipline;doctor records;Nevada Board of Medical Examiners;federal medical database
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