Road Hazards

Number 23174
Subject Automobiles
Source Dallas Morning News
State TX
Year 2006
Publication Date 02/26/2006; 02/27/2006; 02/28/2006; 09/17/2006; 09/18/2006; 09/19/2006; 12/10/2006; 12/11/2006; 12/12/2006
Summary Drivers with "poor safety records and histories of drug and alcohol abuse," poorly inspected and maintained trucks and lax enforcement of safety laws are the main problems affecting the truck driving industry in the state of Texas. The Dallas Morning News investigates, spurred by the case of Miroslaw Jozwiak, a trucker who falsified his log reports before causing a fatal accident, which he survived. The stories of those who perished in the crash are told, as are those of the people who survived the crash.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 118
Keywords Miroslaw Jozwiak; truck drivers; truck safety; highway safety; fatal auto accidents; poor truck inspections
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