Follow the Unlimited Money

Number 24918
Subject Campaign Finance
Source Sunlight Foundation (Washington, D.C.)
State DC
Year 2010
Publication Date 09/23/2010; 09/24/2010; 09/27/2010; 09/30/2010; 10/01/2010; 10/04/2010; 10/06/2010; 10/07/2010; 10/13/2010; 10/14/2010; 10/15/2010; 10/18/2010; 10/20/2010; 10/21/2010; 10/22/2010; 10/26/2010; 10/28/2010; 11/03/2010; 11/04/2010 ; 12/01/2010; 12/23/2010
Summary Following the Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited donations to political campaigns from outside groups, the Sunlight Foundation launched a tool to track the activities and campaign contributions of organizations.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 56
Keywords campaign; campaign contributions; politics; spending; donation
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