Investigating Agriculture: Down on the Farm

Number 2086
Subject Agriculture
Source Christine Stapleton
Affiliation The Palm Beach Post
Year 2004
Summary Stapleton provides ways to identify federal agencies that oversee farming. She has tips on understanding the regulations and regulators. The tipsheet tells where data can be obtained regarding violations, fines, penalties and suspensions. Stapleton provides agricultural information on pesticides, comparative analysis, politics, and labor. The tipsheet has links to websites that have important agricultural data. Additionally, the tipsheet has a printout from the U.S. Department of Labor which tells what information this agency collects.
Tags agriculture; farmer; pesticide inspector; U.S. Department of Labor; wage and labor disputes; Migrant and Seasonal Workers Protection Act; Farm labor; contracting; transportation; housing regulations; politics; Social Security Administration; Labor; disability; pesticides; EPA's Worker's Protection Standards; United Farm Workers; National Agriculture Workers Survey; Wage and Labor violation data; Census of Agriculture
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Panelists Ronnie Greene; Martha Mendoza; Christine Stapleton