Database quantifies wasted natural gas from Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas

An interactive map shows how the volume of flared gas in Texas counties has increased over time – especially in the Eagle Ford Shale. 

By John Tedesco, San Antonio Express-News

The energy boom that’s showering rural South Texas with money is also wasting an irreplaceable natural resource.

Drive through the bustling oil patch of the Eagle Ford Shale, located about an hour away from San Antonio, and you’ll quickly lose count of fiery gas flares that dot the countryside.

Natural gas is cheap. Pipelines are expensive. So instead of collecting the fossil fuel, many oil and gas operators build ...

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America's gun-toting guards armed with poor training, little oversight

Armed security guards have become a ubiquitous presence in modern life, projecting an image of safety amid public fears of mass shootings and terrorism. But often, it’s the guards themselves who pose the threat.

Across the U.S., a haphazard system of lax laws, minimal oversight and almost no accountability puts guns in the hands of guards who endanger public safety, a yearlong investigation by The Center for Investigative Reporting and CNN has found.

Job data, press releases used to measure effectiveness of North Carolina incentive programs

When the Great Recession reached its peak at the end of 2009, a lot of what you heard and read from news organizations about the state of the economy felt depressingly similar.

Long lines at unemployment offices. Big crowds at job fairs. And everywhere, mounting horror stories from families struggling harder than ever before to make ends meet.

Amid this pervasive gloom, some supposed bright spots popped up regularly in our inboxes, courtesy of the North Carolina governor’s press office.

New jobs, as few as six and as high as a 1,014, were on their way to the ...

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Regulators lack resources to confront risks posed by exploding oil trains

Almost a year and a half after an oil train explosion devastated a Quebec town —and after three railcar explosions in the United States — those headline-grabbing measures have turned out to be less than they appeared. Idling oil trains are still left unattended in highly populated areas. The effort to draft new safety regulations has been bogged down in disputes between the railroads and the oil industry over who will bear the brunt of the costs. The oil industry is balking at some of the tanker upgrades, and the railroads are lobbying against further speed restrictions. The story and video ...

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Data Journalist (The Wichita Eagle)

The Wichita Eagle is looking for a journalist who can find compelling stories in data and tell those stories across multiple publishing platforms.

We’re looking for a reporter with a range of journalistic and digital publishing experience.

  • Has a passion for watchdog journalism.
  • Knows how to identify, obtain, clean and analyze databases from a variety of sources.
  • Able to make data accessible and understandable to readers.
  • Uses current tools and can identify new ones to help users to interact with data.
  • Uses relevant database and programming tools (please specify on your resume which tools and languages you have expertise ...

O’Brien Fellowship in Public Service Journalism (Marquette University)

The J. William and Mary Diederich College of Communication is accepting applications from journalists ready to spend nine months researching, reporting and telling the stories they care most deeply about – stories with the potential to change policies and lives.

Now in its third year, the college’s O’Brien Fellowship in Public Service Journalism each year allows three newsroom professionals to do the best work of their careers on issues of vital importance. The O’Brien Fellows spend the academic year based at Marquette University, but return to their home news organizations with an in-depth public service journalism project ready ...

Data Reporter (The Palm Beach Post)

Our newsroom's main database reporter needs to have a wide range of talents, able to work with a reporter on deadline, throw together a scrappy website scraper or dig into 20 million records without flinching.  

The ideal candidate, working on the Investigations Team, must have the skills that only the most computer-literate among us possess.  But you also have to have drive. The drive to free information from the confines of the computer, find the angle that people care about and let it loose.

You’ll be blessed by Florida’s sunshine and its broad Sunshine Law. We're ...

Investigative Writer/Editor (Houstonia magazine)

Houstonia magazine, the top-selling newsstand title in the country’s fourth-largest city, is seeking a versatile writer-editor whose skills include writing long-form features with an investigative bent.

The headlines don’t lie: Houston really is one of the most exciting cities in the nation right now, a bustling center of industry and commerce with a healthy job climate, robust real estate market, and uncommonly diverse population. What we don’t have enough of, in our judgment, are writers and editors who can produce the untold stories: tales of chicanery big and small, 5,000-word investigations into the institutions and figures ...