Remembering Dori Maynard, champion of diversity in journalism

Listen to Dori Maynard speak at the 2014 IRE Conference

Dori J. Maynard, president of the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education and longtime champion of diversity in journalism and civic life, died Tues., Feb. 24. She was 56.

From the Maynard Institute:

Maynard advocated tirelessly for the future of the institute and its programs, reminding all that the work of bringing the diverse voices of America into news and public discourse is more vital than ever. Under her leadership, the Institute has trained some of the top journalists in the country and helped newsrooms tell more inclusive and ...

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Digital Engagement Editor (The Better Government Association)

The Better Government Association (BGA) is looking for a full-time Digital Engagement Editor to lead our digital effort and help us reach the widest possible audience. This person will manage the redesign of and the integration of a new donor management system in 2015. The Digital Engagement Editor will also manage all web-based content for the BGA in collaboration with the BGA’s investigative, advocacy, civic engagement, communications and development teams. The ideal candidate has a journalism background and at least four years experience, and possesses strong writing, editing and designs skills and is creative and collaborative.

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Investigative Journalist (The Better Government Association)

The Better Government Association (BGA) seeks a full-time Investigative Journalist with at least five to seven years of experience.

The BGA is a nonprofit organization that combines investigative journalism, advocacy, and civic engagement to promote good government at the local, county, and state levels in Illinois.  Its offices are located in Chicago.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Developing stories and sources
  • Producing content internally and in collaboration with media partners while developing digital skill set for the Internet
  • Engaging in “grunt” work, including reviewing mounds of public documents and participating in early-morning stakeouts
  • Staying well-informed on the government landscape in Illinois
  • Fielding tips ...

Data Reporter II (The Palm Beach Post)

The Palm Beach Post values data reporting.

We are seeking to fill the newsroom’s main data position, someone able to do it all, from working with a reporter on an Excel table, to throwing together a scrappy website scraper to digging into 20 million records without flinching.

Yes, you must have the skills that only the most computer-literate among us possess. But you also have to have the drive to free information from the computer, find the angle people care about and let it loose. You’ll be blessed by Florida’s sunshine and its broad Sunshine Law. vAs ...

High-profile San Diego lawyer investigated for questionable real estate transactions

Cory Briggs, a San Diego-based lawyer, may have been involved in fraudulent land deals, according to an inewsource investigation.

The most notable transactions include two $1.5 million dollar deeds of trust - liens against a property - that were nearly three times more than the actual value of the homes, according to the investigation.

When confronted about the allegations, Briggs threatened to call the police if reporters didn't leave his office.

Total Newsroom Training is back!

IRE is happy to announce the return of the Total Newsroom Training program. This is your newsroom’s opportunity to have intense, in-house investigative training -- for free. If your organization is hungry for customized investigative training and can't afford it, apply today. Spots are limited.

Total Newsroom Training is designed to increase the ability of news organizations to provide watchdog and enterprise coverage for their communities and to produce work that can lead to change and improvements.

The program is meant to help small to medium-size news organizations, and IRE customizes training based on the needs of the organization ...

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Aaron Schock's ethics under scrutiny

The list of questionable practices keeps growing for Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock. In 2013, the House Ethics Committee revealed that Schock may have violated House rules by soliciting campaign contributions for a committee that supported fellow Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger. 
Recently, the Associated Press has reported that Schock has spent taxpayer and campaign funds on flights aboard private planes owned by some of his key donors. The AP has discovered at least a dozen of these flights, totaling more than $40,000. 
In addition, Schock has remodeled his office after the popular television program "Downtown Abbey" and even used funds ...

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