IRE members work to boost transparency, cooperation in Kenya

Land Quest is an experiment in cross-border investigative journalism by two European, two Kenyan and one American journalist that seeks to redefine both the focus and the audience of development reporting.

The data reveals Kenya as the battlefield between two competing financial interests: the flow of aid money from Europe to Kenya, and multinational profits from Kenya to Europe. Aid money flows into Kenya to help strengthen institutions and private companies, from agro-industrialists to oil barons.

The project, funded by a grant from the European Journalism Centre, is designed to raise awareness about the need for developed and developing countries ...

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Senior Reporter - Data Desk (The Boston Globe)

The Boston Globe is currently seeking a Senior Reporter, Data Desk to join their dynamic team. This position reports directly into the Metro editor with a dotted line to the editor of

The Senior Reporter, Data Desk will be required to help develop and execute the vision and editorial strategy for’s investigative data journalism unit, with the goal of creating compelling, impactful, investigative journalism content.  The successful candidate will motivate a small team of data journalists and engage them in the creation of web and multi-platform content including, but not limited to, text, video, and ...

Federal loopholes, local challenges complicate response plans for rural oil disasters

The federal government does not require U.S. railroads to have comprehensive plans for a worst-case oil disasters, according to the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting.

That means no one knows if the railways that carried 4.2 million barrels of crude oil through the state last year are prepared for a catastrophe.

A handful of factors – including a declining number of volunteer firefighter/first-responders and a lack of information – complicate planning efforts in rural states like Maine.

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Reporting on hazardous materials?

Get data from NICAR's recently updated hazardous materials database.

Listen to tips ...

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Investigative Reporter (Alabama Media Group)

Corruption, cronyism, nepotism. Alabama has big stories to uncover. As a watchdog journalist for the state’s largest news organization, you can make a difference here.

Alabama Media Group which includes, The Birmingham News, The Huntsville Times and Press-Register of Mobile, is expanding its investigative team with seasoned journalists across the state.

We value curiosity, tenacity and ingenuity. This year we launched the Alabama Investigative Journalism Lab, which encourages innovation in reporting complex and significant stories through audience engagement. With the Center for Investigative Reporting and broadcast media across the state as partners, we’re forging a new ...

How to use CDC data to report on gun deaths

Dan Keating of the Washington Post used the CDC Wonder database to explore the racial breakdowns of gun deaths. What he found challenges the idea of having a gun for protection — at least for some.

"A white person is five times as likely to commit suicide with a gun as to be shot with a gun; for each African American who uses a gun to commit suicide, five are killed by other people with guns."

Learn how to use the same CDC data to investigate causes of death in your area.

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Supervising Developer (FRONTLINE)

FRONTLINE is looking for a senior developer to oversee day-to-day digital operations of our website, our upcoming tablet application, and future mobile HTML5-based platforms.

Under the guidance of FRONTLINE's Assistant Managing Editor for Digital, you'll work with our digital technologist, senior designer and our digital editorial team to develop innovative editorial features and oversee support of existing infrastructure.

  • Work with digital team to conceptualize, develop, code, test and debug new innovative digital features
  • Assist in maintenance and improvements to existing Wordpress platform & plugins as well as a Node.js-based content management system
  • Work with external contractors to manage ...

Behind the Story: The Indianapolis Star’s probe into the billion-dollar deer farming industry

Ryan Sabalow

It’s like a gold rush. There’s money to be made, but the cost of those riches is a host of harmful, unintended consequences.

A recent Indianapolis Star investigation uncovered evidence linking lucrative deer farming operations to the spread of invasive lice and diseases such as bovine tuberculosis and chronic wasting disease in wild deer populations. The detailed story, told in five chapters each accompanied by a video, chronicles the rise of commercial deer farming from one Amish farmer with pet deer to the profitable industry that exists today.

“No one really saw this coming,” said Indianapolis ...

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A star player accused, and a flawed rape investigation

Yet another university community has been accused of denying justice to a female sexual assault victim in order to protect a star male athlete. The New York Times today chronicled the shortcomings of an investigation by Tallahassee police into a reported sexual assault in which Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston was the alleged assailant.

Police failed to conduct a proper investigation when the incident was reported, the Times found. Even after the accuser identified her attacker to the police, Winston was never interviewed and DNA evidence was not collected. By the time prosecutors began to investigate 11 months later ...

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