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  • The Echo Chamber

    A comprehensive and original Reuters examination reveals the small group of lawyers that have outsized influence at the U.S. Supreme Court. A comprehensive and original Reuters examination reveals the small group of lawyers that have outsized influence at the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Tags: influence; court; docket; lawyer; justices; court cases; Supreme Court; United States;

    By Joan Biskupic; Janet Roberts; John Shiffman



  • Protecting the Players - How safe are your school’s helmets?

    Gannett stations across the country sent FOIA requests to school districts requesting the brand and model of every helmet being placed on the heads of high school athletes in our communities. We took those lists and compared the helmets to Virginia Tech’s Star Rating System (used by the NFL). In all of the 16 markets we investigated, we found numerous schools allowing students to use helmets “not recommended for use” according to Virginia Tech, which found the lower-rated helmets increased concussion risks. We also discovered that many high school athletic associations claimed they were not familiar with the Virginia Tech research, and they only used a system run by the helmet manufacturers to rate helmets.

    Tags: helmets; safety; high school; athletes

    By Catherine Beck

    KUSA-TV (Denver, CO)


  • An Impossible Choice

    inewsource exposed and documented a world where thousands of people, tethered to tubes and machines, are kept alive in places called “vent farms.” The state of California pays for all of their care, more than $600 million in 2013. A reporter and videographer secured unprecedented access to one of these units, producing an unvarnished portrayal of a system that keeps people alive at all costs. inewsource told the stories of families who refuse to let go of their loved ones when there’s no hope for recovery. And it became the first to compile and analyze California’s data on this population, learning that if the government wasn’t footing the bill for this care, this population wouldn’t exist.

    Tags: life support; vent farms; california; lives

    By Joanne Faryon; Brad Racino; Lorie Hearn



  • A Deadly Slope: Examining the Oso, Washington, disaster

    Two days after a landslide near Oso, Wash., killed 43 people, the county’s head of emergency management said the slide was unforeseeable: “This came out of nowhere. No warning.” The day after those words were spoken, The Seattle Times revealed how there had been a litany of warnings, going back seven decades. A report written for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had even warned of the “potential for a large catastrophic failure.” That story was the first in a string of exposés, in which The Times merged breaking news with investigative reporting to dissect the state’s worst natural disaster since the eruption of Mount St. Helens.

    Tags: landslide; emergency; warnings; failure

    By Mike Baker

    The Seattle Times


  • VA Scandal

    Reporter Dennis Wagner, with the help of whistle blowers and veterans, exposed bureaucratic inertia at the Veterans Affairs' hospitals, dishonest scheduling practices and institutional ambivalence, forcing resignations, firings and major national reform. Throughout the crisis, and as other reporters joined Wagner, The Republic published more than 100 stories, including groundbreaking investigative stories that advanced an understanding of the kind of abuses taking place in Phoenix.

    Tags: whistle blowers; abuse; reform

    By Dennis Wagner; Craig Harris; Rob O’Dell; Paul Giblin

    The Arizona Republic


  • Losing Ground

    Louisiana is drowning, quickly. In just 80 years, some 2,000 square miles of its coastal landscape have turned to open water, wiping places off maps, bringing the Gulf of Mexico to the back door of New Orleans and posing a lethal threat to an energy and shipping corridor vital to the nation’s economy. And it’s going to get worse, even quicker.

    Tags: louisiana; coast; water; economy; shipping

    By Al Shaw; Brian Jacobs; Bob Marshall

    ProPublica/The Lens


  • Prison Scandal

    In June, The World-Herald reported that prison officials had misapplied state law in setting inmates’ release dates, resulting in hundreds of the state’s worst criminals being released too soon. The errors occurred despite two Nebraska Supreme Court rulings over a 10-year period spelling out how to correctly calculate the release dates. That report turned out to be the first of several related prison scandals that the newspaper would uncover over the next several months.

    Tags: inmates; release; dates; nebraska

    By Todd Cooper; Matt Wynn; Alissa Skelton; Cate Folsom; Paul Hammel

    Omaha World-Herald


  • Unholy Alliances

    “Unholy Alliances” by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, exposed close ties between Montenegro's long-time political leader who had been promising to clean up corruption -- and organized crime. Powerful Milos Djukanovic, one of the last tyrants in Europe, worked through the instrument of his family's bank, requiring the government agencies he controlled to make deposits into it, and then letting his friends who included drug loads and smugglers borrow what they wanted and launder money.

    Tags: corruption; tyrants; government agencies; drugs

    By Miranda Patrucic; Dejan Milovac; Stevan Dojcinovic; Lejla Camdzic; Drew Sullivan; Jody McPhillips, Rosemary Armao

    Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (Sarajevo)


  • Betrayed by Silence

    This yearlong MPR News investigation revealed that, despite decades of assurances that the Catholic Church was safe, leaders of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis had continued to cover up abuse of children by priests. In a series of multiplatform presentations – including radio reports, an hour-long radio documentary, a four-chapter Web story and an online database of accused priests – we revealed the scope of the abuse crisis and the financial decisions by leaders of the Twin Cities archdiocese that protected priests and kept victims quiet.

    Tags: children; catholic; priest; sexual

    By Madeleine Baran; Sasha Aslanian; Tom Scheck; Laura Yuen; Mike Cronin; Chris Worthington; Mike Edgerly; Bill Wareham; Eric Ringham; Regina McCombs. Photographers: Jeff Thompson; Jennifer Simonson; Amanda Snyder; Meg Martin; Will Lager; Justin Heideman

    Minnesota Public Radio


  • Recruit Death

    More than a year after a sheriff’s office recruit died during his first days on the job, information WSBTV uncovered led DeKalb County’s Medical Examiner to change his cause of death, state agents to conduct an independent investigation and DeKalb County’s District Attorney to consider whether current and former Sheriff’s Office employees should face criminal charges. Throughout the course of our investigation we discovered information the Medical Examiner, elected officials, law enforcement leaders and even the jail recruit’s family never knew existed.

    Tags: sheriff; criminal; medical; examiner

    By Erica Byfield; Terah Boyd; LeVar James; Matt Serafin

    WSB-TV (Atlanta)