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Making Elections Fair to Minorities; Euclid, where blacks have never won an election

Number 21312
Subject Elections
Source Record (Hackensack, N.J.)
State NJ
Year 2004
Publication Date April 4
Summary Reporters with The Record performed an independent analysis of one community's election process, only to discover "some level of racially polarized voting in four of five elections. The analysis shows that, in a community that is made up of 29% African-Americans and 56.8% whites, making the elections unfair and unbalanced. As a result, the election process made it more difficult for all members of the community to be fairly represented. As a result of this, the community of Teaneck was under investigation of the Justice Department.
Category General
Pages 5
Keywords elections;Teaneck;U.S. Department of Justice;regression analysis
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