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Number 21673
Subject Voter Fraud
Source Wired News
State California
Year 2004
Publication Date Jan through Dec 2004
Summary Wired News produced this series of online reports on the rush to purchase electronic voting machines after the Florida election debacle of 2000. Zetter found that the new machines are not very secure. It turns out that source codes for the machines were easy to obtain, voting machines were left unattended for days before elections and could easily be tampered with, Diebold Election Systems' (one of the main voting machine manufacturers) company server was easy to hack into, and there were numerous incidents of inaccuracies in voting results. Zetter also found hidden financial ties between Diebold and a group of disabled activists pushing for the adoption of the machines.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 86
Keywords Electronic voting machines;elections;interest groups;computer voting;Help America Vote Act
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