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  • A Staggering Swindle

    A real estate scam involving rented identities to purchase properties could cost the U.S. taxpayers millions. 81 bogus condos face foreclosure thanks to the scam artist Jim McConville.

    Tags: real estate; condos; McConville; boom; mortgage; foreclosure; scam; San Diego;

    By Kelly Bennett; Will Carless;


  • The Disappeared

    CBS News 60 Minutes reports that "As peace dawns in Northern Ireland, Bob Simon reports how stolen lives in the embattled country have not been forgotten.... For decades, no one had the courage to speak up about the people known as 'the disappeared.' Only after a cease-fire was declared in Northern Ireland did the families begin a campaign to look for their loved ones. Just last spring, as a sign of goodwill, the IRA admitted its guilt and offered to pinpoint the locations of the bodies in exchange for immunity from prosecution. The immunity was granted, but after weeks of digging, only three bodies have been recovered...."

    Tags: TAPE TRANSCRIPT Irish Republican Army Jean McConville Belfast British Army Sinn Fein Gerry Adams

    By Jeff Fager;Michael Whitney;Patti Hassler;Draggan Mihailovich;Bob Simon

    CBS News 60 Minutes