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  • Access Denied

    "The one big political issue of the '90s was abortion. Feminists have obsessed over Roe v. Wade and championed Clinton and Gore fore defending the right to choose. But at the same time, most women in t his country have etched their ability to obtain an abortion disappear. As Miranda Kennedy points out in 'Access Denied,' 85 percent of counties nationwide have no abortion provider, It's still true that women with money can always access abortion, but women with less cannot."

    Tags: abortion clinics; choice; Child Custody Protection Act; parental notification; Mark Crutcher; "A Guerrilla Strategy for a Pro-life America; Life Dynamics; waiting period; Hyde Amendment; Medicaid; late-term abortion

    By Miranda Kennedy

    In These Times (Chicago)


  • Woman's Grim Death at Clinic

    The Arizona Republic looks at an abortion clinic where a woman lay bleeding from a punctured uterus for more than three hours as a medical assistant at the Women's Center begged her supervisor to call 911 before she died. The Republic finds several other problems at the clinic.

    Tags: Health Care

    By Susie Steckner;Jodie Snyder;Heather Ratcliffe

    Arizona Republic (Phoenix)


  • Family Secret

    On December 30, 1994, 22-year-old John Salvi killed two people and wounded several others during attacks on three abortion clinics in Massachusetts and Virginia. He was convicted and sentenced to two consecutive life sentences. In November, 1996, he committed suicide in his cell. A year later, questions are being raised about why his parents - and the state - didn't recognize his mental illness when they saw it.

    Tags: Schizophrenia

    By Mimi Swartz

    New Yorker


  • No title (id: 12612)

    Metro investigates the story of Kris Humphrey, a 24 - year - old college senior who discovered that she was pregnant. Humphrey did not want a child, but she didn't want a clinical abortion, either, so she attempted a herbal abortion with the aid of pennyroyal tea. This attempt proved to be fatal. (Dec. 14, 1995)

    Tags: Young CAR Lifestyle on trial Contest entry Medical care 17 pgs.

    By None

    Metro (San Jose, Calif.)


  • Abortion: Who's Behind the Violence

    U.S. News & World Report examines the links among several prominent anti-abortion activists and groups and a group of people who practice violence against abortion providers. The report documents meetings between clinic bombers and abortion activists, some of which occurred within days or weeks of attacks on abortion clinics.

    Tags: Operation Rescue Randall Terry Federal investigations vigilantes National Right to Life Committee pro-life activists FBI Federal Bureau of Investigations abortion clinic bombings The Army of God Life Dynamics

    By Stephen J. Hedges;David Bowermaster;Susan Headden

    U.S. News & World Report


  • No title (id: 10927)

    The Post's article concerns the fatal shooting of a doctor and his unarmed escort at an abortion clinic in Pensacola, FL. The article details how the suspect had espoused violence and had been arrested at the same clinic prior to the shooting, July 30, 1994.

    Tags: FL James Crime 4 pages

    By None

    Post (Palm Beach, Fla.)


  • No title (id: 10504)

    The New York Times Magazine takes a look at postcoital contraception in the United States. The article lists other alternatives to RU-486, such as Ovral, Nordette, Triphasil and Tri Levlen, which are readily available at Planned Parenthood clinics. The article looks at the controversies surrounding the issue of RU-486 and getting a morning-after pill through the FDA approval process.Jan. 10, 1993

    Tags: CA Hoffman Abortion Contraception FDA Health 6 Pages

    By None

    New York Times Magazine


  • Disposable Fetus

    WCBD-TV (Charleston, S.C.) focuses on allegations that a South Carolina abortion clinic disposes of aborted fetal tissue in the public sewer system; finds that the clinic used a regular kitchen garbage disposal to handle the fetal matter, Nov. 18 - 20, 1992.

    Tags: SC; Ashley; Kibbey; tape

    By Dan Ashley; Doug Kibbey

    WCBD-TV (Charleston, S.C.)


  • Abortion Clinic

    CBS News-60 Minutes looks at an unsafe abortion clinic and finds that some in the pro-choice movement cover for such clinics to avoid the publicity.

    Tags: TAPE; abortion; pro-choice movement

    By Jane Stone

    CBS News 60 Minutes


  • No title (id: 6536)

    Miami Herald exposes an abortion clinic using fraudulent advertising and performing "abortions" on women who weren't pregnant; led to the closure of the clinic, September - November 1989.

    Tags: Sontag Dade County Medical records Dadeland Kast malpractice

    By None

    Miami Herald