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  • The Dark Side of the Internet

    Sparked by a report that U.S. companies were "supplying cops (in China) with databases, software and hardware needed to track criminals and dissidents", Business Week looks into the many "dark corners of Internet commerce." Click fraud, spyware, online advertising, identity thieves using "virtual currency" are all covered in this series of stories.

    Tags:; Direct Revenue; identity theft; online advertising; click fraud; spyware

    By Brian Grow; Ben Elgin; Bruce Einhorn;

    Business Week


  • Virtual Vegas

    Casino and sportsbooks are taking off in a whole new place - cyberspace. You can log on and bet the house with just the click of a mouse. But how do you know who you're dealing with on the other end? It's an industry ripe for fraud. The WPTV investigative team spend two-and-a-half months investigating internet betting, and found on-line gamblers all across the country who were getting ripped off.

    Tags: Tape

    By Muriel Jospeh;Jim Sitton;Jennifer Leslie;Pat Burns

    WPTV-TV (West Palm Beach, Fla.)