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  • Ghost Drivers

    "For years, Indiana has suffered the embarrassment and dubious distinction as a "fraud Friendly" state when it comes to obtaining bogus licenses and identification cards. A new administration vowed to put a stop to it. But 13 investigates discovered the state's top agencies for prosecuting fraud weren't following through on the legal end. Investigative Reporter Sandra Chapman began tracking the case of an accused Bureau of Motor Vehicles worker accused of fraud. What she found instead was a system allowing known illegal drivers using social security numbers from decreased residents to operate free and clear of Indiana law."

    Tags: identification cards; identity fraud; fake credentials; drivers licenses; driving records

    By Sandra Chapman; Steve Rhodes; William C. Ditton

    WTHR-TV (Indianapolis)


  • Muerte en el desierto: El Regreso de Jesus

    Identifying the dead migrants that try to cross the border from Mexico to the United States has proven difficult because half of the bodies are found with fake or borrowing identification.

    Tags: border patrol; immigration; foreign relations; Yuma County; DNA testing; border crossing; illegal immigrant; illegal immigration; green card; Mexico

    By Mariana Alvardo Avalos; Jose Merino; Dean Knuth

    Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, Ariz.)


  • Gap at the Gate

    Three part investigation into security at airport gates. The authors found that id checks were less than adequate. They traveled domestically with fake ids and sometimes no id at all. The investigation found several shortcomings in the security process raising questions over the ability of the Transportation Security Administration to really know who was flying.

    Tags: Airport; security; identification; Transportation Security Administration; domestic travel; No-Fly list

    By John Mason;Julie Jacoby;Gary Hill;Jim O'Connell

    KSTP-TV (Minneapolis)


  • National Security Threat

    The story exposed a major security lapse at a Virginia military base. A civilian employee with an identity fraud conviction had the job of making military identification cards and confessed to making fake ones for sale, including to foreign nationals. The identity cards allowed bearers access to sensitive areas of military bases.

    Tags: fraud; fake identification; military; U.S. Army; identity fraud; national security; Fort Myer

    By Andrea McCarren;Pete Hakel;Michael Fuhr

    WJLA-TV (Washington, D.C.)


  • Fake Sales Mar Mitsubishi Total

    "The articles detailed the disclosures and admissions by Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America national and regional managers and dealers that the automaker had fraudulently inflated its U.S. vehicle sales numbers, in order to achieve volume targets and overstate the health of the company. The falsifications used actual vehicle identification numbers of Mitsubishi cars and trucks later purchased by unknowing consumers. When the vehicles were legitimately purchased, the original fake sales were not reversed, meaning thousands of Mitsubishi buyers had been defrauded out of months of warranty coverage." This story increased investigation by the Florida Attorney General and lead to a 15-count subpoena against Mitsubishi. In addition, it "lead to several states' opening investigations of Mitsubishi's questionable sales practices."

    Tags: Automobiles; Mitsubishi; retail delivery records; warranty

    By Mark Rechtin

    Automotive News


  • Cover your assets

    KMSP-TV takes "an undercover look at why the Twin Cities have become inviting targets for organized crime. This investigation examines the explosive growth of "check fraud" in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Banks are losing tens of millions of dollars annually because crooks can easily pass bogus checks. In the end, bank customers end up paying higher fees... With hidden cameras we showed how the banks themselves are contributing to the problem."

    Tags: TAPE TRANSCRIPT identification checks conspiracy counterfeiting fake ids computer-printed checks personal financial software packages

    By Jeff Baillon

    KMSP-TV (Minneapolis)


  • No title (id: 10028)

    WTVD-TV (Durham, N.C.) reveals how easy it is for teenagers to get fake identification for purchasing alcohol, starting with the story of a teenager who caused a fatal accident and ending with a small shop in Durham where one man made fake IDs for for thousands of teenagers from a several state area, Nov. 22 - 24, 1993.

    Tags: NC Leavitt 10 pages

    By None

    WTVD-TV (Durham, N.C.)


  • Fake Identities

    WCIX-TV (Miami, Fla.) explains how easy it is to obtain fake identification; using undercover techniques, a phony birth certificate is found and used to get a social security card and a driver's license, May 10 - 13, 1993.

    Tags: FL; Candiotti; 10 pages tape

    By Susan Candiotti; J. B. Diedrich

    WCIX-TV (Miami)