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  • Do No Harm

    For the first time, reporters published an analysis of Nevada's state hospital records and revealed nearly 1000 cases of preventable harm to patients over the past decade. There are also reports of widespread hospital-acquired infections and countless cases of accidental surgical injuries. The reporters show that hospitals have tried to keep this information hidden from the public.

    Tags: hospital care; preventable harm; transparency; surgical injuries; public records

    By Marshall Allen; Alex Richards

    Sun (Las Vegas, Nev.)


  • Infectious State

    WISH-TV investigated how many people become worse or develop an infection while in hospitals in Indianapolis. "What happens when hospitals are left to police themselves?"

    Tags: hospitals; patients; infections; hospital-acquired infections; preventable infections; hospital infections; infection rates; outbreak

    By Loni Smith McKown; Karen Hensel; David Hodge; Doug Moon

    WISH-TV (Indianapolis)


  • Deadly Secrets: The hidden threat of hospital germs

    This special report exposed the prevalence of deadly hospital germs passed on to patients by dirty medical equipment and workers who ignore basic precautions such as hand-washing. The report detailed the failure of the health care system to meet its top priority - keeping patients safe. There is no standard way of documenting hospital-acquired infections, and so patients don't know what sort of record their hospital has. These sorts of infections, the most well - known is Staph, are becoming increasingly common.

    Tags: doctors; pharmacies; disease

    By Luis Fabregas;Marisol Bello

    Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh, PA)


  • Unhealthy Hospital

    This Chicago Tribune three-day series investigates the "hidden epidemic of life-threatening infections that is contaminating America's hospitals, needlessly killing tens of thousands of patients each year." The Tribune found that in 2000, nearly three-quarters of the deadly hospital-acquired infections were preventable and that serious violations of infection-control standards have been found in nearly three-quarters of the nation's hospitals.

    Tags: infections; hospitals; health care; hospital-acquired infections; germs; contamination; infection control

    By Michael J. Berens;Michael Berens

    Chicago Tribune


  • When Cure Becomes Cause: Hospital Hazards

    The News Tribune reports that "High-tech medicine, drug-resistant bacteria, changes in health care increase patients' risk of acquiring diseases they didn't have... Hospitals are supposed to help you get better, not worse. But 1 out of every 20 people who enter the hospital acquire an illness they didn't have on arrival. These hospital-acquired infections, called nosocomials, help kill 80,000 to 100,000 people a year nationwide... CDC experts say the high rate of hospital infections is unacceptable..."

    Tags: Hospitals; doctors; nurses; treatment; risks; Center for Disease Control; infection-control guidelines

    By Adam Berlaint;Elaine Porterfield

    News Tribune (Tacoma, Wash.)