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  • ABC News Brian Ross Investigates: Olympic Gold, Olympic Greed

    With terror threats already dampening the spirit of the games, an ABC News Brian Ross Investigation into dramatic charges of corruption exposed the organized crime figures behind Russia’s winning bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. It also exposed the internal corruption behind the multi-billion dollar construction of the Olympic venue in Sochi, a seaside resort better known for palm trees and beaches, located near a hotbed of Islamic terrorists. It is a story of bribes, suitcases filled with cash and a whistleblower who claims there’s a contract on his life because he dared to speak out.

    Tags: olympics; russia; terror; sports; corruption

    By Brian Ross; Cindy Galli; Patrick Reevell; Rym Momtaz; Lee Ferran; Rhonda Schwartz; Almin Karamehmedovic; Michael Corn

    ABC News


  • Other People's Wars

    The book is the story of a close US ally's role in the wars and international politics of the decade after September 11, 2001. Nearly everything about New Zealand's post 9-11 military and intelligence roles was kept secret from the New Zealand public, while news was controlled through an intense military public relations campaign.

    Tags: New Zealand; Iraq; Afghanistan; War on Terror

    By Nicky Hager



  • Collateral Damage: Human Rights and U.S. Military Aid After 9/11

    This project investigated the impact of foreign lobbying and terrorism on U.S. post-9/11 military training and aid programs. Controversial U.S. allies such as Pakistan received billions of dollars in additional, new military aid to fight the global war on terror. Additionally, foreign governments spent millions lobbying the White House and the Pentagon, taking advantage of the chaotic policymaking environment to ask for their own military aid. The investigation revealed that the change in priorities often came at the cost of human rights and fiscal accountability.

    Tags: human rights; foreign countries; international relations; war on terror; military expenses

    By Nathaniel Heller; Ben Welsh; Marina Walker Guevara; Tom Stites; Sarah Fort; Patrick Kiger; Michael Bilton; Prangtip Daorueng; Ignacio Gomez; Andreas Harsono; Alain Lallemand; Yossi Melman; Mutegi Njau; Paul Radu; Gerardo Reyes; Leo Sisti

    Center for Public Integrity


  • The CIA and Interrogation

    "Not a formal series, these 12 stories explored the Bush administration's internal struggles over the extreme interrogation methods it embraced after 9/11 in the fact of widespread accusation that it had authorized torture."

    Tags: Bush; government; terrorism; interrogation; torture; CIA; evidence; Al Qaeda; Justice Department

    By Mark Mazzetti; Scott Shane; David Johnston; James Risen; Carl Hule; Steven Lee Myers;

    New York Times


  • Enemies at the Gate

    "This hour-long NBC News broadcast is an unprecedented investigation into the international black market in passports. It exposes what the head of Interpol considers a "gaping hole" in global security, especially in terms of terrorism."

    Tags: black market; passports; criminal networks; fraudulent identity papers; document brokers;

    By Richard Greenberg; Adam Ciralsky; Stone Phillips; Robert Allen; Sam Casalino

    NBC News


  • Targeting Terror

    The reporters investigated Chicago's vulnerability to a terrorist attack, particularly Chicago O'Hare International Airport, finding the over-all effort to protect the citizens of this city was sloppy.

    Tags: terrorism; attacks; Chicago O'Hare International Airport; airport security; air cargo; public safety; FOIA

    By Kara Spak;Sara Burnett;John Patterson;Christy Gutowski

    Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, Ill.)


  • Financing Terror

    Freedman delves into the world of "hawala," an informal and often untraceable method of transferring money from the U.S. and throughout the Middle East. The U.S. government contends that in addition to operating as a way to transfer legal funds from one family member to another, the hawala system has also been used to launder money from illegal trafficking in humans and drugs and to get money to terrorists. As of the publication date of this article, federal law enforcement agencies have not succeeded in prosecuting any high profile cases, nor any cases involving terrorist groups.

    Tags: international terrorism; money laundering; terror networks; international money transfers

    By Michael Freedman;Tom Post

    Forbes Magazine


  • Bush's Spook: The destructive reign of CIA director Porter Goss

    Dreyfuss describes in detail the changes in the CIA after Goss's appointment by G.W. Bush. Dreyfuss found that 90 senior CIA officials resigned when Goss took over and morale plummeted. Dreyfuss also writes that part of Goss's mission was to politicize the CIA and "yank the errant agency onto Bush's team." One example was the White House pressure for the CIA to bend its conclusions on the existence or nonexistence of Iraqi WMDs.

    Tags: CIA; foreign intelligence; national security; international terrorism; weapons of mass destruction

    By Robert Dreyfuss

    American Prospect


  • Hearts, Minds and Dollars: In an Unseen Front in the War on Terrorism, America is Spending Millions...To Change the Very Face of Islam

    This investigation revealed that the Bush Administration has approved a classified strategy to influence the future of Islam, and that conflicts within the Muslim faith are now considered a matter of "national security" to the United States. In at least two dozen countries, the U.S. government is funding Muslim imams, Islamic radio and TV shows, Muslim think tanks, political workshops and other programs that promote moderate Islam ideas.

    Tags: religion; government; international affairs; terrorism; 9/11; Koran; mosques; think tanks; non-profits

    By David E. Kaplan;Aamir Latif;Kevin Whitelaw;Julian E. Barnes

    U.S. News & World Report


  • Waiting for Justice

    After the ethnic slaughter in the Balkans, Bosnia-Herzegovina's state court was going to take over trying war criminals charged with genocide, mass rape and torture. It has not happened. Millions of euros were spent to build a War Crimes Chamber, but not a single trial has been held, and hundreds of suspects live free among the same people they are charged with terrorizing.

    Tags: war crimes; genocide; Balkans; terrorism; international court; Freedom of Information

    By Mirsad Brkic;Svjetlana Celic;Ida Donlagic;Zeljka Gutalj;Eldina Pleho;Zoran Popovic;Renata Radic;Lidija Pisker;Collin Haba

    Center for Investigative Reporting - Bosnia Herzegovina