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Let the CAR Conference countdown begin…

We can’t wait to see hundreds of you one week from today at the 2014 CAR Conference in Baltimore. It’s shaping up to be a great couple of days.

Here’s a preview of some of the great speakers, sessions and events you can look forward to:



Taggart, from the Center for Investigative Reporting, will talk about investigating not-so-good nonprofits during a session at 9 am Friday, Feb. 28.

Listen to her talk about the value of former IT employees in this clip from the 2013 Hawaii Watchdog Workshop. Former employees can tell you if a ...

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Seeking ideas for 2014 CAR Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks are back for CAR 2014 in Baltimore!

Got an idea for a talk? Submit it here: http://ire.aronpilhofer.com/

Lightning Talks are 5-minute presentations on topics wide and varied. If you'd like to submit a talk, please use the form linked above. We ask that only folks who are attending NICAR vote on the submissions, and we'll hear the most popular ones on Friday, Feb. 28 at the conference. Check out highlights from the 2013 Lightning Talks in Louisville, Ky. here.

To submit a talk, you must register at the link above. Voting closes on ...

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Relive the 2013 Lightning Talks

Short and sweet, Lightning Talks have become a highlight of the CAR conference. In Louisville this year they played to an overflow crowd at the biggest NICAR yet. And this year, attendee Fernando Diaz of Hoy Chicago captured them on video. Hear Ben rant. Be Nate Silver. Make games for news. Learn a new language.

Relive the 2013 Lightning Talks, one by one.

Photos from Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks moderator Derek Willis of the New York Times kicks off the event filled with fast paced, pithy presentations. Organized by Willis and New York Times colleague Aron Pilhofer, lightning talks debuted at the 2010 CAR Conference in Phoenix and have grown in popularity -- this year's lightning talks had an overflow crowd.

Ben Welsh of the Los Angeles Times channels Lewis Black during his lightning talk "Django Retrained: Five ways coding like a Web developer can make you a better investigative reporter."


The Lightning Talks was a packed event, with the audience spilling out into the hallway. Other ...

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2013 CAR lightning talks chosen

Lightning talks for CAR 2013 in Louisville were announced today on the NICAR Listserv. The following talks are slated for 4 p.m. Friday in Regency Center:

  • 5 algorithms in 5 minutes - Chase Davis
  • Showing big datasets on small screens - Katie Park
  • Django Retrained: Five ways coding like a Web developer can make you a better investigative reporter - Ben Welsh
  • F@#$ing designers! - Aron Pilhofer & Miranda Mulligan
  • Be Your own Nate Silver - Jeff Larson
  • Let's make fun games for news - Sisi Wei
  • Z-Scores: How you can compare apples with oranges - Rob Gebeloff
  • Every State's Elections Are Weird - Jacob ...
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